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5 Ways Cybercrime Impacts Business

These days, business owners are constantly reminded of the importance of cybersecurity. There has been a sharp rise in cybercrime since the start of the pandemic, and it is not just large organizations that are being targeted. Business owners are constantly reminded of the importance of having cybersecurity solutions in place and the importance of educating staff, but why is this? It is also important to be aware of the threat of cybercrime and the impact that it can have on your business. When you know how much damage can be caused, you will understand why it is so important to protect your business. So, how does cybercrime impact a company?

1. Disruption

The most obvious way that cybercrime impacts business is operational disruption. A cyber attack can prevent employees from being able to carry out their roles, whether this is infecting the computer system so that it stops working properly, blocking access to a website, or erasing data.

Cyber attacks can bring the entire operation to a grinding halt and could take the business offline for a significant period of time, thus interrupting processes and costing a substantial sum of money in lost revenue and fixing the issue in some cases.

2. Lost Revenue

Of course, as mentioned, downtime can lead to lost revenue, which can be a major concern for business owners. Lost income can be frustrating, especially when cyber attacks are preventable, and could have a big impact on the long-term success of the business. In a time when many companies are feeling the squeeze, you do not want to have downtime leading to lost revenue.

3. Increased Costs

Cybercrime can also lead to higher costs. Not only do you have to invest in cybersecurity technology to protect your business, but a successful attack could result in the business having to purchase new IT equipment, which can be a high cost.

4. Stolen Intellectual Property

Businesses might also face the threat of stolen intellectual property due to a cyber attack, which can be incredibly valuable information to cybercriminals. Product designs, marketing content, and strategies can be pivotal to a company’s success, and this information could be deleted or even stolen without proper protection in place.

5. Reputational Damage

A sometimes overlooked negative consequence of cyber attacks is reputation damage. Consumers put their trust in a business to protect their data, so when an attack is successful, the public will feel let down and may not trust the company again. This can cause severe long-term damage to your business and needs to be considered.

Protecting Your Business

The above are the main ways that cybercrime can affect a business, and you can see that damage can be done in many ways. This is why you need to find the best ways to protect your business. With that in mind, XDR is ideal for organizations because it provides a holistic approach to cybersecurity and offers much greater visibility across your entire network.

Final Thoughts

Cybercrime is something that every business needs to consider in 2022, as it can seriously affect a business and cause damage in more ways than one – some of which a company might never be able to recover from, depending on the kind of attack and how much financial and reputational harm it causes.

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